Recommended for role and development opportunities

Recommended for Role is additional training identified by other subject matter experts as being relevant to your role and recommended to you.

Staff may also access these training courses as part of other development opportunities even if they are not required for their current role.

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Learning at Work Week 2024. The annual event builds on learning cultures at work and aims to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of continual learning and development. Take a look at what resources are on offer this year.

Designed for:

All staff irrespective of role or service - also available for service users and the community to access

What type of training is it?

Self-directed learning - Self-Help, Support and Guidance page


The following resources have been developed - or sourced - by the Personality Disorder Community Service (PDCS) and the Relational and Emotional Difficulties Service (REDS) to meet a wide variety of needs.  There are a range of options available; written information, worksheets, videos, and suggested websites and apps - we hope you will find something helpful for you.  If you are currently in treatment with our team, you will notice that there are videos recapping many of the skills we teach.