Designed for:

Therapy assistants' band 3 and 4 external to CPFT

What type of training?

Self-guided training for staff external to CPFT

If you work at CPFT, please log into Academy and enrol in the course here:

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Designed for:

Staff on the adult Mental Health wards and Intermediate Care wards 

What type of training is it?

Self-directed learning - approximately 90 minutes

Course overview:

To be able to identify swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) and refer on to Speech and Language Therapy where appropriate.  To help you to support patients with dysphagia and to follow advice provided by Speech and Language Therapy.

Learning outcomes:

    • Have an increased understanding of the normal swallowing process
    • Take basic steps to support safe swallowing (e.g. positioning, environment)
    • Be able to identify signs of swallowing difficulty and refer a patient to Speech & Language Therapy for assessment
    • To be familiar with and able to implement the IDDSI standards for food and fluid modification