Dr Margaret Heffernan - Breathe

Designed for:

All staff irrespective of role or service

What type of training is it?

Self-directed learning - approximately 1 hour


Compassionate leadership depends on being able to be compassionate with yourself. What does that mean in practice? What are the behaviours that help you look after yourself effectively so that you can look after others with care?

A rare and excellent opportunity to engage with Dr Heffernan and gain insights from her extensive work including her most recent book Unchartered: How to Map the Future Together which in a world of uncertainty inspires us ‘to mine our own creativity and humanity for the capacity to create the futures we want and can believe in’ and Wilful Blindness described by The Financial Times as ‘a polemic against the dangers of docility and “groupthink” in every walk of life’.
Whilst these are big subjects, Dr Heffernan makes them accessible and demonstrates the compassion we’re seeking in how she shares her wisdom and experience grounding the thinking in practical, human practice.