Philosophy at Work, Critical Thinking Workshop

Designed for:

All staff irrespective of role or service

What type of training is it?

Self-directed learning - approximately 1 hour


Socrates knew that the ‘unexamined life is not worth living’. We think that unexamined work is a wasted opportunity. Across sectors and industries, your ability to think through complex matters can be a game changer. In fact, The World Economic Forum lists critical thinking as a top skill needed for professional success in today’s economy. Maybe that’s because this core thinking skill supports problem-solving, breaks down echo chambers, and helps sort fact from fiction. Our take on critical thinking is that the teams we work with already know how to think, but busyness and pressure mean that they’re not always thinking their best.
In this Critical Thinking workshop you will practice positive and pragmatic ways to slow down and think carefully so that you are better able to think your best, spot opportunities and stay sharp.
You'll leave with:
• Clarity about what critical thinking is and what it can bring to your work;
• A step-by-step process for spotting thinking traps;
• Greater cognitive confidence to think for yourself and share your ideas.