Professor Michael West: Lessons from the pandemic: compassionate leadership for high quality care

Designed for:

All staff irrespective of role or service

What type of training is it?

Self-directed learning - approximately 90 minutes


The pandemic offers an opportunity for profound learning. In this presentation Michael West identifies four key areas of learning from these difficult times for healthcare - compassionate leadership, meeting the core work needs of staff (including addressing the issue of chronic work overload), collaborative working and reflection. The presentation will address the question of how we can develop cultures of high quality, continually improving and compassionate care in the challenging circumstances we face in health and social care and, at the same time, ensure the well-being and growth of those who provide that care. Drawing on the evidence from the experience of the pandemic and from two reviews into doctors’ and nurses’ mental health and wellbeing across the UK, the session will provide practical guidance necessary to help ensure that compassion, high quality and innovation are at the heart of health and care cultures.